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Here you can get tradition and fashion hairstyles of famous fashion models of pakistan like iman ali , tooba siddique , vaneeza ahmed and many more.....


salwar kameezSalwar KameezPakistani fashion designers are taking Pakistani women fashion especially shalwar kamiz (salwar kameez, shalwar kameez) at the next level. We love to see the changes Pakistani women fashion designers are trying to make in this centuries old dress to keep it up with modern days demands.
It is the usual everyday dress for both men and women in Pakistan where it may be transliterated into English as shalwar-qamiz.


Summer Lawn Collection Album

Sobia Nazir Lawn 2009Al Karam Lawn 2007 , Al Karam Lawn 2008 , Al Karam Lawn 2009

Gul Ahmed Prints 2008 , Gul Ahmed Prints 2009 ,

V9 Lawn 2008 , V9 Lawn 2009 Cooming Soon

Sobia Nazir Lawn 2008 , Sobia Nazir Lawn 2009 , Sonya Batla Lawn 2009

, Chinyere Spring/Summer 09 , Sana Safinaz Lawn 2009 , Maria B lawn

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Winter Collection 2013
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Pakistani Fashion Model Nadia Hussain in Bikini

Sexy Fashion Model Actress The sexy Pakistani fashion model actress singer girl
lady woman Nadia Hussain Nadya Nadiya Husain Hussein in a beach trip to Thailand.
See her in bikini, swimsuit.


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