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Make your hairs shiny with blow drying not by straightener
The secret to getting super shiny,super sleek hair is very simply and to the point. If you follow these guidelines carefully, you'll be able to have beautiful shiny hair in no time.After washing your hair, spritz on a shine serum all over your hair. Brush through with a comb. Start off by giving yourself some volume by blow-drying your hair upside down for about a minute or 2. Make sure you don't dry your entire head!Take the largest round brush you can find, and blow dry your hair section by section until you're all finished. A round brush is better than a straightener because it won't damage your hair, and it won't make it look stiff.After drying your hair, add a little bit of aerosol finishing spray and you're all set! A full head of sleek, shiny hair!READ MORE
Try some Bold Hair color in this winter 2009
Out with the old and in with the new! All over streaks and highlights are so yesterday! Now the monochromatic look is back in style and sexier than ever.BlondesAmp up your dos by brightening your base and blending in any existing highlights. For extra shine, do a monthly gloss treatment.BrunettesGo for two tones darker than your roots. A deep chocolate or a coffee shade will make your do super shiny and ultra sultry.READ MORE
To look more fashionable : Use Scarf in this winter 2009To look more fashionable : Use Scarf in this winter 2009
Is it just me, or is the scarf not a super-versatile fashion item that seems to go with everything? I fell in love with scarves, and shawls when I was a little girl and saw my mom wearing all different kinds and colors. Since then, I've been a true scarf girl....with what I now like to call ''my collection of scarves''....meaning there are just too many too count and I should probably give some away.But nevertheless, I can't seem to part without them and for good reason too. For me at least, a scarf can do wonders for an otherwise boring outfit. And since I don't seem to have the time to get ready in the morning or the money to update my look every month, I just throw on a favorite colorful scarf and I instantly feel better...more...fashionable if you will.READ MORE
Pakistani fashion designer Farida Qureshi holds a prominent standing among other fashion designers of the region. Ruling the fashion industry for decades, Farida is popularly renowned for her abstract philosophy in her designs, using block-printing patterns on pure silk. Leopard spots and tiger streaks divulged in glamorous colors is the best of her works. Her Bridal and Formal Wear collection purely envisages nature in a refreshing style and floral prints. Using a diverse array of shades – from pastels hues captured on capacious organza to silk robes dipped in shades of striking red, bronze, burnt ochre and black with elegance.READ MORE
Sara Shahid - the brainchild behind fashion label Sublime, is considered among forerunners who paved way for promoting pret trend in Pakistan.

Sara chooses simplicity over glitz in her individual artistic mannerism. Her cuts and silhouettes are subtle, but in a classic way. Her label 'Sublime' defies dramatizing fashion and style rather presents a timeless beauty and panache in the outfits.READ MORE