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Engagement dressing tips for winter 2011 pakistani brides
Engagement ceremony is a special ceremony. Girls give too much attention on this day dressing. But they have to choice such a dress that will not give a look f first day bride. This is purpose girls should select some beautiful dress that can be a lehenga , fish lehenga , farshi gharara , pashwaz , anarkali dress or shalwar kameez suit. The most important thing is to select some color wisely such as do not use red color. If you will choose some light color or any other dark shade that will suits you and you can look a simple engagement girl.

In light colors you can select pink , sky blue , off white , light purple. If you are thinking to wear some dark shade then green, some shade of blue called ferozi is perfect.
Traditional Bridal Jewelry for brides : Matha Patti or Jhommar
Traditional bridal jewelry for brides is called Matha Patti or Jhommar. In these days, Girls hesitate to wear it. The new trend is to be looked very simple bride. Simple in a sense, Make up should be looks not as coated like paint on bride face. Sometimes girls do not like heavy jewelry , But the things is if some girl want to be traditional bride so have to wear heavy jewelry , heavydress , yes off course make up not should be like paint coated face.
If some bride has done each and evary part of ''sola singhar'' but missed the jhommar so she cannot become as a mughal princess. Jhommar and matha pathi now these are two choices. If you are wearing jhommar so you have to wear bhindiya along with it. Otherwise matha patti will cover your whole head.READ MORE
A stylish HandBag improves your personality :Winter 2010-2011
A stylish handbag is one of the oldest and most useful accessories of a woman. If in the past a bag was rather practical, but with a very dull design, nowadays, a bag is more than a practical item, but it became a way of expressing one's personality. Its functional side has been replaced by attributes having the value of real symbols, which speak about us, about our personality, lifestyle, or social status. Take a look to some of the hottest bags to wear this winter 2010-2011.
Tips for Wearing Women Dress Shoes with Your Dress
As difficult as if when you are looking womens dress shoes suitable for evening dress at a wedding ceremony. Sometimes the languages you pessimists who made it difficult to get a womens dress shoes to match. Though it is not as difficult as you imagine when they want to wear a dress shoes to be combined with a dress. Step easy it is you should adjust your dress shoes after wearing a dress, but it is not a problem when you want a dress that must follow the patterns of dress shoes that you wear. Most important is how you can integrate yourself, in a sense put on women's dress shoes and dress according to the will of your heart.Sometimes,women feel difficult to wear high heals. But this become a trend to wear that kind of shoes with long shirts and trousers.READ MORE
Follow Four Steps for Blending Makeup to Match Skin Tone?:Well Blended Make Up
Follow Four Steps for Blending Makeup to Match Skin Tone?Makeup can make you look and feel prettier, so how do you put the right color of foundation on your skin? Follow these steps to blend your makeup to match your skin tone in a no-fuss manner. Step 1 Make sure you have the right foundation color for you. To do this, go to a makeup counter at a department store and ask one of the cosmetic workers if they will help you find the right foundation for you. The best way to know is to put a little dab of foundation along the jaw of your face and try to blend it in with either a sponge or your fingers.READ MORE