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Gul Ahmed Lawn Summer Collection for 2012
This Season Gul Ahmed has revealed its simply beautiful collection and in the race of designers lawn Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2012 again has won the competition. Their prints are suitable to wear during hot season.
Color Range This collection has huge range of colors,White with red print, Black with yellow , Blue ferozi, Cool Purple , Aque Green , Sea Green , Pink , light pink , light purple with light orange combination , Lemon , Peach. In summer season ladies need to wear some soft fabric and this is the specialty of gul ahmed that their fabric is so soft and very thin, suitable in hot weather.READ MORE

ChenOne is symbol of luxurious life style products. They have introduced Pareesa Lawn , Designs are following all new trends specially for the young generation.
In this season 2012 and 2013 Chen One has introduced a huge collection of stunning and eye catching dresses most of these dresses are in funky prints for casual parties.

Selection of hairstyle with formal dress is matter a lot. This is depending upon the ceremony nature. If you are going to some other functions as a guest for select style would different but in case you are host of some formal function then this is important to be looked perfect.
For Brides, on Walima day style should be different than Barat day. Mostly On barat day girls used Jhoomer with Tikka and on second day only Bindiya. So style can be changed easily.

Hair Styles experts know what styles are with jhoomer and what for bindiya. Leave on them, they can make you perfect for your special day but always select some reliable beautician.

Stylo Shoes 2012

Flower Sandal.
Stylo Shoes 2012 , Suitable for Lawn Dresses. These brand has famous for their comfortable shoes with style  , so the name match perfectly with product.
Purple Chappel with mutli color button.

Pretty sandal in black color suitable with jeans.

Famous Design of Stylo shoes during this summer.
Kolla Porri Style in sandal in red hot color.
Bashir Ahmed Lawn 2012 has many stylish and fashionable summer prints for girls during this summer. All cool and soothing summer colors are a essential part of Bashir Ahmed premium lawn 2012.
Not only lawn fabrics are used but also swiss voile and embroidered fabrics are also included. Mostly medium to full length shirts, frocks with churidar pajama designs are added in Bashir Ahmed textiles summer 2012 collection.