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Showing posts from September 17, 2006
It's always wonderful being in the company of beautiful woman, they have this rare yet perfect aura about them that's just so great to be around. This time round, I found myself bantering on with catwalk favourite Mehreen Syed, a woman who really needs no introductions. Elegant as a swan and as beautiful as any artists muse, Mahreen was also great fun to just hang out with, as you will, no doubt, read ahead!Where do you see yourself in five years time?Well, let's see now. I see myself living my own personal dream which is a life with me, the man that I love and a beautiful child. That's exactly how I’d want it to be and that's what I’m aiming at. Who is the sexiest man in Pakistan?Qasim sweety, without a doubt, it is definitely the man that I love. What kind of people can you not stand?Those with bad breathAre you good friends with all the other models?Jaani of course I am. Whether a model or somebody else, anyone who is good at heart and nice to me is my friend. H…