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Showing posts from June 29, 2008
The Designers have launched the ‘runway’ store in Karachi
There has been a massive boom in the fashion industry during the last couple of years. All of a sudden, there is a new 'designer' under every rock you pick up, there are publications upon publications claiming to be the best in fashion, every second day there is an exhibition and small-scale stores are now expanding and revamping their previous physical space and marketing strategies to cater to this ever-increasing need among the sudden-fashion-conscious awam to don a designer outfit.In Karachi we already had Labels where a very select variety of designers can book space to showcase their collections. Then there is Ensemble which redefines multi-designer space in Pakistan and is maintained by additionally stocking creations by Indian designers, and launches the same via periodic runway shows. The Designers, on the other hand, has always maintained a somewhat quiet presence in the city. Bu…
Mehreen Raheel On FTV

Here is Mehreen Raheel, one of the cutest new faces on the modeling circuit. She has just started appearing in some drama serials as well. She is so beautiful, she will give you a toothache. She is blessed with an amazing bod, but even more appealing is her fresh, sexy and adorable personality on-screen. Here she is featured on FTV, laying on the couch, after her big night out . It's the sort of spaghetti strap, cocktail dress.Just gorgeous, like the rest of her.
Mehreen Syed Shines On FTVThe term ''tits-on-a-stick'' fits Mehreen Syed, to a tit. Albeit, a real long stick, in her case. She is the uber model of Pakistani catwalk. She is tall, slim. A classic beauty with angular features who is also well-proportioned with really awesome tits to boot And the great thing is, she loves to show them off. Most designers choose Mehreen to display their more risque designs and she carries them off with style. These vidcaps are from FTV Pakistan. Mehreen is being interviewed on the red carpet by none other than Natasha 'Natty' Hussain, who is herself wearing a drop-dead gorgeous dress which is fighting hard to remain on her body, held there by two threads.READ MORE
Natasha Hussain in Bikini Sari On FTV These vidcaps of supermodel Natasha Hussain were taken from a Shirin Hassan fashion show covered by FTV Pakistan. It's no secret why Natty (Natasha Hussain) was chosen to be the official mascot of PakiKaki.She is, IMO, by far the most sexy and glamorous supermodel in Pakistan today. And it's not just her awesome figure. She is also blessed with the most elegant and delicate features. A work of art, from head-to-toe.READ MORE