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Fashion PK » Bridal Corner 2012 » Flower Jewelry for wedding ceremonies in 2012
With the start of Islamic month Rabi- ul- Awal month , wedding season also started in Pakistan. In winter yellow flower also available and these look awesome for brides at henna ceremony.Flower jewelry is very famous among mehendi ceremonies.Not only brides but also other girls like to have flower jewelry in making hairstyle. Fresh Flower jewelry can be used as bracelet , necklace , matha tikka , earrings. The most famous one is Ghajra. Flower Ghajras with Prandas are included in traditional hairstyle in Pakistan. This kind of style is not used in normal days but girls really enjoy these uniquies styles while attending some wedding ceremonies.
Karma Formal Collection for wedding ceremonies in 2012
Karma by Kamiar Rokni and Maheen ali kardar is well known Designers collection label of Pakistan. The specialty of this label is their traditional dress.
If one girl want to be look a proper Pakistani Traditional bride so she should select Karma dress.
Whenever any wedding plan in one family, mostly people get attention only for bride dress or bridegroom but the other near relatives also want to be looked beautiful such as bride sisters , cousins and friends . For this issue Karma has launched their formal collection to help near relative females to be looked like princess.Click here to view more Karma Dresses
Karma 2012
Karma 2012

Bridal Make Up Trend in 2012
With the passage of time bridal make up trends are changing. Before brides like to do a very heavy make up if some bride did not do like this people consider that she is not looking a proper bride.
But Now a days girls want natural looking make up. If some saloon do heavy make up then people comment about her that she is looking cartoon.
Bridal Make Up Trends in 2012 Not only Make up trends changed , but also time effect on jewelry trends . May be this is because of raised price of gold , no matter what is the case but in these days they are not using PANJANGHALA , JHOOMAR , NATH. But these are the piece of jewelry who represent our traditions.