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There are eleven most common cflues for shoes fashion in Spring/Summer 2009
There are eleven most common clues for shoes fashion in Sprin/Summer 2009 and they include:
1) Hot tints. The main color of shoes will be orange. It is lively, dynamic and bright. Other top trend colors include pink, white, red, purple, violet, all shades of grey, browns and metallics. With these colors women will look pretty feminine.
2) Establishment of flowers. Variuos sizes and shapes flower ornaments will be emphasized not only in garments but also in shoes during upcoming season. Flowers will ephasize women's beauty and they will make shoes look elegant and sophisticated.
3) Details of heavy metal. Shoes will be decorated with various chains, snaps, zippers or buckles. Because of that, they will look modern and nice.READ MORE
Designer Arun Zafar from Lahore has designed Sana Wedding Outfit
KEEPING ALL HAPPY And Sana got married! Lahore was abuzz with a tirade of stars, since anyone who was anyone in the filmi circles was invited. It was Sana's big day and she was celebrating big time! The bride was keen to keep everyone happy and this was obvious, as her designer was Arun Zafar from Lahore - and her choice of outfits was a churidar Kurta and then a sari - a push for better ties said the skeptics while a naughty young thing was over heard saying, ''she really does want to work in Bollywood and this is her subtle way of saying it''. And last but not least, her stylist was from Karachi. Now if a girl knows how to play safe, Sana is she!READ MORE
Moona J's Karachi Based Beautician
The greatest joy 2008 brought with it was the various beauty outlets and cosmetic ranges. From makeup to salons by top models, the year saw a whole host of ventures sprouting up to the delight of all the fashionistas out there. Sometimes following one's dreams is the best way to be happy and sometimes it is those dreams that help us touch the sky of success. Moona J's name is synonymous in the industry with anything and everything that has to do with looking beautiful. Miss M came from a family of business folk but followed her heart and went into the art of makeup. She began her work three years ago, ''a person might think they're good at something but other people might not share their high opinion of themselves and to check the my worth I first began my work from home and got a really good response. This is my second salon and so far it's had a terrific response,'' explains Moona.READ …
Jewelry fashion trends for 2009
Planning to purchase new jewelry? There are so many things you like that you do not know what to choose? If you are a fashionable person, you should as well choose fashionable jewelry. Accessory is the thing that'll make your style complete, so be patient and choosy and you won't make any mistakes. Jewelry fashion industry concentrates on accessories of various styles and materials. First of all you have to choose the material, which will make it easier for you to choose the model. Only after you've decided what kind of material you want, start looking for some certain thing. Don't forget to consider your style issues before purchasing a certain thing. Although in most cases accessory is used to fulfill the style, sometimes it can be used to create a style, so be careful and decide what is creating your looks - clothing or accessory.READ MORE
2009 spring/summer Western Fashion trends for females
It's about time to dress up for spring! It's the time to manage your wardrobe and get some fashionable pieces for refreshing spring weather and hot summer days. Let's take a look at hottest trends for spring and summer 2009. Designers often choose muted shades for autumn-winter collections, and spring-summer often stuns with vivid colors. The trends of 2009 are no exceptional: We will see bright and bold colors on clothing, accessories and everything you can wear.
Anarkali Design Outfit is the new Trend for next wedding season as formal dressAnarkali suits are very much in fashion right now and I've been getting requests to post up more designs so I thought I would oblige. Here are the latest Anarkali suit designs, everything from designer Anarkalis to Lollywood Fashion Industry Anarkali suits to plain cotton Anarkalis...everything and anything 'Anarkali' that's hot right now is here in this little post! I'll describe the ones I think are creative and/or stunning. Enjoy!

Iman Ali has invited in Bollywood to do films
Model-turned-actress Iman Ali has revealed that top Indian film producers and directors are willingly offering her various roles to perform in their movies but she has politely turned the offers down, owing to the existing cross-border tension between the two neighboring countries. She mentioned about it at a ceremony of an advertising firm. Iman further stated that she will definitely for with offers from Indian directors and producers, after the heated air between Indian and Pakistan cools off and things are settled down.
Currently, she is has been hired by two international advertising agencies and is busy working with them.READ MORE