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The day of the wedding is perhaps the most-awaited day in the life of any woman and to look like a fairy queen is the dream of most of the brides. The bridal makeup is not only about makeup for the occasion but also about pre-bridal skin and facial care and treatments. It must be photography friendly too and thus, professional help is often desired to assist brides to look their best on this very special day of their lives. Correct use of colors and expert highlighting and contouring leave you looking as stunning and dazzling, as you want. Choose cosmetics that are long lasting, can be easily blended and have high pigmentation level for your wedding day and you are free to use shimmer and gloss to make you shine. Cosmetic colors should compliment your wedding attire yet you must also keep in mind that there will be lots of flash photography and blue-toned colors will make you appear darker.

Naturally beautiful is the best look of all times and warm and neutral shades go a long way in helping you to achieve it. Fuschia and blue-red lipsticks may end up giving you a vampy look while frosted and highly reflective lipsticks are too old-fashioned these days. If you really want to shine and exude warmth, use sheer application of luminescent cosmetics instead. Remember, rightly applied concealers and foundations are your best friends on your bridal day. It is always a help to know your face well - your skin type, your facial features, undertone of your coloring and what you want to highlight and what you want to underplay. So determine these things, well before the wedding day. Rehearsals don't harm you anyway and are very useful in successfully achieving the desired look on the main day.

For weddings in summers, spray your face with sealer after doing makeup so that it lasts longer. For make your lip color last longer, define your lips using the lip liner and then apply the lip color. Tissue off the extra color and reapply it. Seal it too and then add the gloss or shimmer. Be sure to take good care of skin and cleanse, moisturize, tone and protect it months before wedding. Don't forget to use sunscreens and sun blocks with vitamins and nutrients good for skin too. Coordinate the color of your eyebrows with your hair and use a firm angled bristle brush to comb them properly. Gray ash blondes can use ash brown shade to cover their eyebrows while redheads can use reddish brown shades or orange or gold tones depending upon the undertone of your hair.

The beauty sleep before the wedding is absolutely essential so make sure that you are well rested and well fed on the day of your wedding despite all the excitement, fun and anxiety so that you do not look dull and sick at the time of the occasion. Keep one of your friends nearby with all the little things that you might need for that quick touchup such as powder, hair pins, safety pins, lip color and gloss, paper tissue, Qtips and even a mild pain killer, just in case. Keep a second pair of very comfortable shoes handy so you don't look as if you are going to try just because your feet are hurting so! It is always better to check what hairstyles suit you well before the wedding, so you don't mess up on the day of the occasion. Makeovers are thrilling but try them out much before the wedding so that you don't land up feeling strange and uncomfortable on the big day.


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Fashion Pakistan » Forums » Fashion Of Today » khawar riaz bridal makeup pics

Fashion Pakistan » Forums » Fashion Of Today » khawar riaz bridal makeup pics
If u get ur make up done by Khawar Riaz himself it will cost u
Rs. 50, 000 for one function. If u get both Valima and Barat done from KR u get a discount of Rs. 10, 000.
However, if u get the make up done by his senior artist it will cost u Rs. 25, 000 for one function. He also told me that even though the senior make up artist does the make up, KR totally oversees the whole thing and makes the final touches himself.
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