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She calls herself, ' The baby of the Pakistani music industry.' A student of BCS in ILM , Rabi Pirzada was a drummer and an occasional singer in her college when a friend suggested to sing. Thus, her first song, Dadhi Kuri, was born some 2 years ago.

Since then she has not looked back. ' Since I am hold a Karate black belt, my body movements are very different from the rest. My style of performance is new in Pakistan,' 22-year-old Rabi told in an exclusive interview after her first stage appearance in Dubai where she sang two of her songs.

' My parents are so supportive of my passion to sing. But, they want me to complete my education as well, ' Rabi , who has also done several commercials , said. ' There may be young female pop singers in Pakistan. But, I am different from them. I have taken up singing as a full-time career. Others have not. Their main activity or job is other than singing. They sing as part-timers, ' Rabi said.

Her first video song , Dadhi Kuri , brought Rabi a lot of popularity. She has captured the hearts of the young as a flamboyant damsel, who is simple from inside but very tough to deal from outside.

This song was followed by Kaghaz , which touches the hearts of everyone yearning for lost love. Success of these songs set a path for her to experiment with new themes in pop music. In her songs we find a simple innocent girl hiding under the pretence of a Dadhi Kuri. Other times we find her searching for love amongst life's uncertainties.

Currently, she is working on her second album in Karachi after finishing her music video with Jawad Bashir which is being telecast from the music channels. 'The second album is different from the first. It has been shot in India and Pakistan. One of its songs, a soft romantic one, has been taken for a film in India and I will be doing it on the screen as well,' Rabi said without giving the details.

'I was also offered to do films in India, but I have not yet accepted the offers , ' Rabi said. Her first album, Jadoo, with 13 songs including techno numbers and Bhangra songs, was released on Eid Al Adha in January, 2005. The album includes a Hamd, song in praise of Allah, which is very popular.

Full of youthful energy , Rabi has been indulging herself in the areas of TV presentation , modelling , acting, directing and producing until now. But now she has diversified and found her soul immersed in music. The album , Jadoo , is more about the expression of herself in the form of music. With so many achievements to her credit at a very young age, Rabi has a very promising career in music business. Her songs have got melody and reflect that a well-educated girl with complete know how of classical music is behind them.

She is a charming addition to Pakistani music industry. Full of talent and promise she has climbed the ladder to fame in a very short period of time.

Her catchy lyrics, speaking of a heart yearning to love and to be loved, and her upbeat music are setting new and innovative trends in Pakistani music scene. With youthful liveliness and passion for life she expresses the music of her songs. ' More girls from good families should take up singing, ' Rabi, daughter of an army officer, said .


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