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You have probably seen her in the ads of sweets or sweaters. If not, then you are probably familiar with the wafting gossip about Khawar Riaz's new find. ..the one who will probably kick Zara Sheikh off the sets in no time with her innocent looks and composed manner. This is Sara, the new kid on the block. The one who will catch every man and womans attention when she walks into a room. Its not her beauty which catches peoples eye, its her untampered style surprising still existent in this industry and her gorgeous smile.

"Go easy on her" Bubbloo at Depilex told me when I came in to interview her "shes not used to interviews".

I found Sara to be very sweet, very attractive and very genuine. Extremely naïve (hello?shes only 15)I feared how much this industry would strip her of. Under Khawar's wings these days, Sara is probably on her way to becoming another Zara Sheikh a Zara Sheikh minus the village style of speech and less fake airs. I hope he does a better job with Sara than he has done with Zara.

I've been dying to ask you this but how old are you?
14 (she says with her hand on the mic part of my dicta) but please write it as more (she smiles). I usually tell people that I'm 16..

when did u start your career?
Year and a halfback when I was offered to do modeling.

As a new comer did you face any problem?
It was really difficult to adjust yourself when already many pretty faces are in and also when no one can properly guide you.

What type of work you chose to do?
I am very much choosy about my work. Before signing a project I inquire about every thing related to project.

What about starting the acting?
I want to do acting as well but right now I am fully giving attention towards modeling.

What major works have you done up till now?
I am in modeling and catwalks and up till now I have done a host of adds like Pert plus, Absolute cologne talc, Sprite, Yummy, Zoom gum and many others.

What is your major through?
Pert Plus is my major break through.

Your hobbies?
I love watching movies and plays.

Your favorite plays and actor/actresses?
My favorite plays are Bandhan, Alpha Bravo Charlie. While in acting I like Zeeshan and Zara.

So I assume youre still studying?
I used to go to a proper school before but since I've gotten into this field I'm studying privately now.

Who introduced you into modeling?
My papa's friends..I actually was always interested in it but this friend of my papa's who had an art gallery used to always encourage me to try this cause he thought I had such a photogenic face. I did my own makeup, got a photographer to get my portfolio done and gave my pictures to different agencies. From there on I initially went to Depilex and then to Khawar Riaz.

And tv shows?
This is actually my first serial…other than that I've done fashion shows and I have also been a compare for a kids programme and nowadays I'm doing a film based programme for Rashid Khawaja called 'Cinemascope'....I'm compering for that. I'm also working towards a movie with Khawar these days..

Movies?You want to get into movies?
Not initially but Khawar told me to try it out and that karnee zaroor hai aaur unhee keh saat karnee hai.That's why I'm doing it with him I think ill be costarring with Ahmad.

So you're with Khawar Riaz these days?
Yes I'm mostly working with Khawar but the serial that I'm doing these days has been given to me by Depilex but Khawar has definitely promoted me a lot more.

How long has it been?
One year.

How do you like working with Khawar?
He's very nice, very frank.

Do you get along with Zara?
Yes. We all sit around and talk a lot Gia, Zara and me.

Arent you scared of the movie business here?
Naheen naheen darna kis baat say hai.

You have to admit that showbiz for a 14 year old here is not that acceptable with most people how did your family react?
Well, at home my daadi had a little bit of a problem with it but my father told her quite bluntly that this is my daughter and to let him do whatever he wanted but its like my nano says that if you keep yourself straight and simple then there's no problem in it at all its about the way you represent yourself.

Its like my papa says that my papa takes me as a son cause he has no sons..buts its like he always tells me that you're my son cause I'm sure even if I did have a son he probably would not do as much for me as you for that reason he doesn't have a problem with most things.So are you liking it?
I'm enjoying it. Its quite nice.

Have you signed the movie as yet?
Well aik tarhan say mayree movie shorooh say he signed hai with Shahzad Gul when Teray Pyar Mein was being made I did a guest appearance ka role in it as a screen test.

So don't you feel any competition with Zara?
There is absolutely nothing to feel competitive about you see I mean whoever has to get the fame or popularity will get it.

You can't go to people and say please like me more!?
I'm not the type to get jealous.

And what about Zara?
Nothing that I know of as yet I don't know whats in her heart but she meets me well…but I've never felt anything as such…I try to keep a good attitude with everyone.
Has Khawar put you through the same routines as he has put Zara and Ahmad?No cause I live at home. But its like these days I've gotten a little healthy and Khawar has been calling me fat and has been on my case to go on a diet!!

Actually what I don't understand is that don't these people have any mummy daddy?
I mean these people are there the whole day!! All these models and all. I don't understand that at all cause I can't stay away from my home for too long. Even now, I've been here since 12 pm and I'm getting so bored, I'm dying to get back home!!! I can't stay without my family members for too long.

What do you do at home?
I play with my sisters and my cousins and mamoo. We are 3 sisters but 2 of them are very small right now .ones 4 and ones 3.Other than that I study for my matric as soon as I get the time cause these days I get no time for anything.

You're studying for your matric?
Yes (she starts to laugh). sometimes people are so conscious about these things.

They usually hide it. I don't see what is there to lie about?
In fact according to my age I should've been in class 9.
I can't speak English that well but I manage really well with foreigners, with a lot of confidence but in a usual routine when I hear people make fun of other people in front of me for having poor English then I start thinking of myself and I try not speak!!! But at home I say whatever I want to practice my English.

How about college?
That seems a little difficult but may be privately. But first I'd like to take some computer classes because I'm really interested in that and I'd also like to do something in painting too I want to do everything in the world sometimes!!! Mama thinks I'm a gone case....

Don't you feel at a disadvantage being in this profession at such an early age?
Well actually no because the younger you come, the longer you can stay on the screen here.

How is this effecting your family life?
I try my best not to let them feel it at all. I act like the same child as I have always been at home. Honestly, people at home are impressed!!! I don't hold the same nakhras at home as I sometimes have to outside, like the way I sit and the way I talk. At home I just let loose!

So which side of the fence is better?
The are both nice outside I feel like I'm an adult (she snikers)and when I go back home I'm a child again. I'm getting the best of both worlds!!

What would you like to do once you are finished with acting?
I want to go into production. I can't act all my life but that's very far off.

Who would you be co-starring with in your filmAccording to Khawar?
its Ahmad.Is it the much talked about "airforce" filmI think so. But I don't know when they will be starting on that because I'm waiting so impatiently!!! It sounds like it is going to be a good movie by just its name. I always wanted to act in such films anyway, the patriotic types.

Do you watch movies yourself?
Well..umm..I'm not allowed to watch Pakistani films at home!!I (bursts out laughing) Indian maybe but definitely not Pakistani!! My family gets shocked by the gandi gandi batein in all these Punjabi films.

That must really confuse you?
Actually my family thinks its ok to act in the family movies. Like we all went to watch Teray Pyar Mein together and everyone liked it. That was a family film and they wouldn't have a problem with me acting in something like that.

So how does you father react to this?
If you ever come to my house you would be like aap keh papa kahan hain because he is so frank and open with us that he just doesn't look like a papa. But where he has to be strict he is.It's the same with my mamoo and all. They've kept such an atmosphere at home that their kids enjoy being at home with them.

What is the prerequisite of a good model?
You must have good figure, lots of expressions and should know Cat Walk, besides that she should have photogenic face.

What is your ambition?
Showbiz is my ambition, I want to make a particular place for me in it.

So is that enough (she smiles pleadingly)?
Sure I'll be seeing you on the big screen soon!


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