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Tanushree is on a roll these days. Her film 'Dhol' releases this week. She is pitched against not one, but four heroes! And next on her agenda is a role in the children's film, 'Rama – The Saviour'.

In fact, she is shooting for the same in Thailand these days. For her role of Samara, she has trained under Peter Hann, the martial arts expert. Her character in the movie is somewhat like Lara Croft of the 'Tomb Raiders' series.

A visibly kicked Tanushree says, "Though I have been to Bangkok earlier, I have never seen this part of Thailand." 'This part' is all jungle terrain, where she is learning to maneuver through the dense growth, as well as to act out her action scenes, including those with wild animals, despite her fears.

The film will have state-of-the-art special effects and animation. The action sequences promise to be stunning. Peter Hann has also worked with Yash Raj Studios for 'Tashan', so Bollywood is not new to him.

After her romantic girl image in 'Aashique Banaya Apne', a dramatic role in 'Raqueeb', and a campus girl in 'Good Boy Bad Boy', this is Tanushree's first action film. She will run, kick and punch the baddies in this one. And through it all, she remembers that 'Dhol' is releasing, and she says, "I am sure the audience will like it."


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