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Vaneeza Ahmad is a Pakistani model and actress. She is Pakistan's ultimate 'supermodel' a term she has disparaged in the past as she has said models in Pakistan don't exactly "live supermodel lives or have superpowers." Except perhaps Vinnie, as she is lovingly called within the Pakistani fashion industry. Vaneeza is a Cancerian. She has been working in the fashion industry for the last 15 years. She is currently making her travelogues around the world for cable TV, and in March 2006 designed her first local lawn (muslin) fabric collection V9. Utilizing her business acumen and creative skills she took career to new heights.Her V9 collection will in the future include a full collection of RTW and homewares, building one of Pakistan's first true lifestyle brands. Vaneeza also recently signed on as brand ambassador for Lux's new variant 'Aqua Sparkle' and brand ambassador for Mobilink's premier 'Indigo'

Vaneeza returned from Germany at 18, and decided to attend Lahore's Kinnaird College, as her medical school plans were thwarted by a lack of high school physics. A similar technicality ended hopes of going to NCA after she graduated from K.C. with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She had started modeling causally while at K.C., and when offers came along notably from fashion designer Nilofer Shahid and photographer Khawar Riaz, she slipped easily into the model role, with an innate practicality that has served her well over the years. Vaneeza made her acting debut in Jamal Shah's controversial saga 'Kal'and has since acted in Marina Khan's Tum Hi Tau Ho,'Janey Anjaney' and 'Tum Say Mil Ker'; 'Armaan'; and'Talaash.' Vaneeza famously acted as the adult Dina in 'Jinnah', Jamil Dehlavi's 1998 biopic of the Qaid Mohammed Ali Jinnah.


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Fashion Pakistan » Forums » Fashion Of Today » khawar riaz bridal makeup pics

Fashion Pakistan » Forums » Fashion Of Today » khawar riaz bridal makeup pics
If u get ur make up done by Khawar Riaz himself it will cost u
Rs. 50, 000 for one function. If u get both Valima and Barat done from KR u get a discount of Rs. 10, 000.
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